Saturday, September 8, 2007

A Lesson in Creativity

Here is something we thought we should blog about: creativity. We at The Scream Team have a underlying belief system: everyone has an artist in them. Everyone has creativity on some level. Sometimes all it takes is a cool makeup or costume to bring it out in someone. That's why Halloween is so much fun. Halloween gives the everyday person a chance to be something or someone else. To pretend like kids do everyday!
We also want to let you all know how cool it is when we get pictures of your make-ups done with our appliances! We love pictures! Especially, when a customer takes our latex appliances and uses them in a totally different way. One customer used Dead Lee as an old CLOWN. (COOL!) Another used Wyzard as an ancient Vampire! So you don't have to look at our pictures and just do what we have done.. Put your own spin on it. Wear a mohawk wig for our Clown piece! Or maybe do the clown only in black white and grey... Like an old film star...Take Corpus and make it a dead celebrity!

Brainstorm---because we will be having a contest in November and one of the categories will be: Most Original Makeup Idea Using a Scream Team Appliance!
( along with Best Overall Application Of A Scream Team Application and others...) So get your thinkin' caps on, kids! There will be PRIZES!

In the meantime, check out what our buddies, Heckles & Twitch think about copycats!

Thursday, September 6, 2007

The Scream Team Is IN DEMAND!

Wow. We launched our three new pieces and are working like mad to keep up with demand ALREADY!

Please remember each piece is handmade by us. We do our best, but sometimes cannot keep up with an unexpected demand for a certain piece as well as we would like to. So check back every MONDAY and THURSDAY at 7pm PST, as the banner above states. That is your best chance for getting the design you want. We will NOT stop our breakneck pace, so if you don't get one on the first try, try again. We have always had a good response to this type of 'LOTTERY" and hope this year is no different.

Which pieces are rocking it out this year? So far, JESTER, GOON, RAPTOR are super popular!

Back to work!

The Scream Team

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Highlights & Shadows: The first entry

Welcome to Highlights & Shadows: The Scream Team Blog.
We will be adding content here as much as we can, during this busy season. Let us know what you want to learn about here! Makeup tips? Product info? Advice to the lovelorn? (Sorry, we arent very good at that..)
We launched our new website re-do.. same idea and feel just updated and more pictures... Did you hear our new theme song? Check it out.. we love it!

The Scream Team Instructional DVD is launched!

Okay for this post we want to announce the launch of The Scream Team Instructional DVD! Scott Ramp, makeup artist extraordinaire, is a natural makeup professor. He guides you through an hour and a half of instruction, advice and tips and tricks. There is also a TON of special features!
Now we have to mention that our friends Heckles & Twitch make some very funny appearances on this DVD.. so, that being said..this is definitely not your usual dry instructional DVD. In fact, it may be the most entertaining instructional DVD ever!