Thursday, September 6, 2007

The Scream Team Is IN DEMAND!

Wow. We launched our three new pieces and are working like mad to keep up with demand ALREADY!

Please remember each piece is handmade by us. We do our best, but sometimes cannot keep up with an unexpected demand for a certain piece as well as we would like to. So check back every MONDAY and THURSDAY at 7pm PST, as the banner above states. That is your best chance for getting the design you want. We will NOT stop our breakneck pace, so if you don't get one on the first try, try again. We have always had a good response to this type of 'LOTTERY" and hope this year is no different.

Which pieces are rocking it out this year? So far, JESTER, GOON, RAPTOR are super popular!

Back to work!

The Scream Team

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